1. Keeping the accounts in full scope:

  • entering all sorts of business transactions into the accounts
  • filling out monthly Corporate Income Tax (CIT) forms
  • completing monthly VAT declarations
  • preparing annual financial statement - balance sheet, profit and loss account, balance sheet supplementary information
  • compiling monthly financial directors' report, balance sheet and profit and loss account

2. Comprehensive Human Resources and Payroll services:

  • comprehensive Human Resources and Payroll services, including: calculating employees' pay, settling employees' social security contributions, compiling and sending records in an electronic form for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), calculating the amount of tax, managing annual leave as well as sickness, maternity, and other benefits.
  • filling out monthly Personal Income Tax (PIT) forms for the employees

3. Tax and financial consultancy.

4. Specialist advice on the organisation and computerisation of accounts.

5. Conducting audits of annual financial statements.

6. Filing appeals and representing companies before tax office.

7. Preparing expert as well as financial and economic opinions.

8. Analysing company's economic situation, including liquidity and profitability ratios analysis.

9. Preparing financial statistical reports for the Central Statistical Office (GUS).

10. Carrying out liquidation and bankruptcy actions.